Where is Wedel?

Wedel is situated in the West of Hamburg, on the river Elbe. It is part of the Hamburg metropolitan area. City trains and buses provide frequent and easy access to Hamburg with many attractions.

I want to take a degree at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel. What programmes are open to me?

If you fulfil the prerequisites, you can apply for any programme. You must be fluent in German as degree programmes are conducted mainly in German. You also need a German University Entry Qualification (or equivalent).
Applications are not dealt with the International Office but by the General Admissions in the Studentensekretariat.

I am an exchange student. How do I select my course programme?

As an exchange student from one of our partner universities you can select any course on offer provided you fulfil the course prerequisites. The business department offers semester programmes in English. You can also combine individual courses from the English programme with courses conducted in German.

Please contact your academic advisor at your home institution to make sure your course selection is recognised for your degree back home. Your selected programme should be set down in a learning agreement and sent to our International Office for approval.

Degree seeking students must be fluent in German. Can I take a German Language Course at Wedel?

We offer private German language courses with an experienced teacher. These classes are offered prior to and/or during the semester. It is recommended that you arrive about a month before the beginning of the semester and start off with a language class.

Where do I find accommodation in Wedel?

There are many possibilities of finding accommodation. You can stay in halls of residence or private rental accommodation. The International Office will organise accommodation for exchange students two months prior to their arrival.

What Costs of Living do I have to expect?

You should expect to pay around 600 Euro per month for accommodation, food, insurance and textbooks.

What is the structure of the academic year?

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

Summer semester: April, 1st - September, 31st
Winter semester: October, 1st - March, 31st

Each semester is broken down in lecture periods, exam periods and study periods.

When do lectures start?

The dates of the lectures at Wedel University change slightly every year, but the exact dates are available for download on the Wedel University website:


Lectures in the summer semester: about April, 15th - July, 9th
Lectures in the winter semester: about October, 15th - January, 12th

The university closes for four weeks from the middle of July until the middle of August and between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.