Language classes

As most lectures are currently offered in German, we highly recommend that our incoming students have a good knowledge of German. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary to join a language class to improve your German. Therefore, also advanced speakers of German are advised to enroll in these classes.

The University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, offers German language classes at the "Volkshochschule Wedel" (VHS-Wedel), the costs are carried by the university. Students are taught individually and will obtain a certificate when completing the course successfully. The numbers of hours taken by the students depend on the programme arranged with their advisor at their home university.

The VHS-Wedel offers different modules and course types for each skill level. To learn the starting dates please contact the International Office.

Please note that the attendance in the language course is compulsory. In order to participate in first classes and to have a moderate time to acclimate to your new surrounding we advice you to arrive two weeks before the semester starts.