Accommodation Options

Students from abroad have several accommodation options. Depending on how long you stay, whether you prefer to live by yourself or share an apartment, stay in the Halls of Residence or Private Rental Accomodation, here are several things to help you find the right place for you.

Incoming-Students will have to find their own accommodation.

The best possibility is to rent a room at the students Halls of Residence which is only five minutes from the campus.

Most students stay in privately rented accommodation in Wedel or the north-western suburbs of Hamburg. If you don't live in Wedel it will be necessary to use public transportation or a car to get to the campus. Public transport within the Hamburg metro area (Wedel is part of that) is excellent.

It is not a good idea to rent accommodation in one of the villages outside Wedel or the Hamburg metro area such as Holm or Hetlingen unless you have your own car. The rent may be a lot cheaper but public transport is infrequent, especially in the later hours of the evening.

When renting private accommodation it is important to know that the rent mentioned in the advert is for the room/flat only. On top, you will have to pay for heating, electricity, telephone and other charges. Most landlords give an estimate for these costs, called “Nebenkosten", which you should consider as the lower limit.

Halls of Residence

Many of the students live in one of two residential halls.

One of them is within 10 minutes walking distance of the university. It opened in 1997 and has been well-accepted by the students.

The apartments are usually shared by six people. Everybody has their own room which is normally not furnished. Furthermore, there are two shared bathrooms, kitchen facilities and a communal room which is often used for company or studying together. The residential hall has 12 apartments, where a single room is about 12 m2 to 14 m2 in size. The rent ranges from € 210 per month, including heating, electricity and internet and the contract goes for six month.

You should apply early for these apartments, because they are popular and sometimes have a waiting list.

Private Rental Accommodation

There is a wide range of rental accommodation available close to the university.
Over the last few years a network has been built up by local people who rent out rooms or apartments nearby to students.

The costs are usually higher than in the residential halls, approximately € 250 to € 280 depending on size and facilities.

The International Office has a list of current rental offers: Please contact Mrs Seybold: sey(at)

FH Wedel notice board

Local press

Another way to find accommodation through the daily newspaper of Hamburg, the "Hamburger Abendblatt".
Here you can find offers for apartments in Wedel and Hamburg as well as the suburbs in between.
Wedel also has a newspaper, Schulauer Tageblatt, where you can find offers in Wedel and its surroundings.


Apartment, new furnished, including electricity, heating, water, Internet and wasching coins,14qm with kitchen and own bathroom.

Adress: Feldstrasse 135 in 22880 Wedel.

Rental Company: Pek GmbH 

Contact/Phone: +49 (0) 173 744 8000 Mr Pek


More accommodation options you will find here::




Cost of Living

Living expenses in Wedel will vary depending on your accommodation and your lifestyle choices.
Here are some examples of general expenses. All costs are given in Euros.

General costsEuros

Rent per month Student Halls of Residence 

Privat Accommodation furnished or unfurnished



Insurance - travel, health, personal - per semester300-400
Textbooks per semester100
Other expenses per week30

Individual items

Milk per litre1,0
Coke - per can1,20
Loaf of bread2,00
Railway ticket3,10
Movie ticket12,00
Gasoline per litre1,1 - 1,4

Remember that textbooks have to be bought at the beginning of the semester.
The library provides most of the books you need for the lectures,
so you do not have to buy all of them.