Tuition fee deposit for non-EU citizens

The deposit is not a surcharge, because it will be completely acknowledged as part of the first semester tuition fee (cf. step 5).

Recipient:          Fachhochschule Wedel
IBAN:                DE46 2215 1730 0000 0247 32
BIC:                  NOLADE21WED
Name of bank:  Stadtsparkasse Wedel
Reason for transfer: ITE, confirmation, <your family name>, <your given name>

The amount you must pay is 500 EUR.

We will answer with a Confirmation of a Place letter as soon as we receive your deposit. This confirmation letter is sent by email and by regular mail. It can be used in order to apply for a visa.

You may wonder why we ask for this deposit. The reason is our previous experience with a high number of no-shows among the non-EU applicants who caused us a lot of administrative effort. Your deposit is never lost as long as you really intend to study with us, because we grant you a semester shift in case of a long visa delay (cf. step 4). Just show us your serious intentions by paying the deposit.

Legal note: By paying the tuition fee deposit, you accept our offer of a place which legally binds you also to pay the remainder of the first semester tuition fee eventually. The only exception is mentioned here.

Financial recommendation: Since Step 3 ratifies the legal contract between you and FH Wedel, you should accomplish it only when you have provided enough funds. You should carefully read our recommendations on that issue here.