Moving to Wedel

After you have got the visa, you may enter Germany. Our international office will send you general information and help you to settle some formalities and help you to get accomodation. Be aware that there is no accomodation directly provided by FH Wedel. 

There is no fixed date of enrolment but an enrolment period which is all of October resp. April. The enrolment is only a formal procedure in order to secure you the student status comparable with a visa in order to secure you the right of residence. For international students, the enrolment is not possible at the first day of arrival. There are some prior formalities which you can only accomplish while you are in Germany. You will be assisted by our international office.

For you, it is more important to know when is the first date of lectures. This date varies according to the actual academic calendar. It is a little later than October 1 resp. April 1 and is mentioned in the confirmation letter. When you are asked for an enrolment date by visa authorities, give this date. It is recommended to be here at this date, but this is no strict obligation. You are also accepted and may enrol when you come later until end of October resp. April. Later arrivals are not accepted for your own sake: The later you come, the lower your chances to pass a course in the respective semester. Roughly speaking, you may compensate a delay of up to 2 weeks.

If you do not manage to arrive until end of October resp. April, you may postpone your study start by one semester. It is sufficient to inform us by email. In this case, you must pay another processing fee. All documents and the deposit of tuition fee are acknowledged for the next semester. Such a shift can only be done once. It is mainly intended to compensate extremely long delays in getting a visa, but an extension of half a year will always do.