Tuition fee deadline

The tuition fee deadline is fixed in the terms and conditions you have signed when you applied in step 2). It has legal consequences if you do not pay the tuition in time.

If you need a bank loan in order to pay the tuition fees, you must apply for this in time. FH Wedel does neither support nor encourage applicants financing their study by a bank loan: Confer to the last paragraph of our financial issues website. If you need our confirmation letter for the bank loan, you must consider this in your time management for the application. This is up to your responsibility. FH Wedel does not grant payment extensions due to missing bank loans or visa delays.

You may not enrol at FH Wedel or take any courses before you have paid the full amount of the first semester tuition fee.

If you have paid the full tuition fee and later you experience that your visa request is denied, we will reimburse you the full amount. If your visa comes late, we acknowledge the full amount for the next semester (cf. step 4).