Visa application

Be aware that this process takes several weeks (inquire at the embassy). In a lot of countries, you even need several weeks or even months before you get a visa application interview. This is why we suggest that you immediately apply for such an interview after you have got the Offer of a Place in step 2). If you pay the deposit in step 3) immediately, you will get the confirmation letter quicker than the date for a visa application interview. So you should not wait for the confirmation letter before you apply for a visa application interview.

In the unlikely case that your visa is denied, FH Wedel will reimburse you the deposit of 500 EUR (you must give a proof that your visa was denied). If your visa comes late, this is no reason for reimbursement: It is in your responsibility to speed up all steps of the application process as described here.

However, if your visa comes too late which may not be in your control, we offer you the following:

You may postpone your study start by one semester. It is sufficient to inform us by email.

In this case, you must pay another processing fee.
The reason for transfer should be: ITE, intake shift, <your family name>, <your given name>, <your matriculation number>

In return, you get a new confirmation letter. All documents and the deposit of tuition fee are acknowledged for the next semester.

Such a shift can only be done once. It is mainly intended to compensate extremely long delays in getting a visa, and an extension of half a year will always do.