Uni-assist application for bachelor graduates from outside Germany

The obligation of this step does not depend on your nationality. It only depends on the fact whether you have got a German bachelor's degree or not. The reason is that FH Wedel does not have the expertise to evaluate foreign documents. This is done by the national organisation uni-assist who does this for a lot of German universities.

Make sure that you pay the processing fee to uni-assist. Otherwise, uni-assist will not process your documents.

You have to send uni-assist all documents relevant for your bachelor degree, further all language certificates. If you are not sure which documents to submit, you must inquire uni-assist, not FH Wedel. You must explicitely apply for FH Wedel and the study programme IT Engineering.

Uni-assist will answer with a VPD (Vorpr├╝fungsdokumentation) explicitely valid for FH Wedel and IT Engineering. Other VPDs will not be accepted by FH Wedel. The VPD mentions a file number and your GPA according to the German education system. An electronic file attached to your file number is available by FH Wedel officials. This file is not visible by yourself and includes more information than the VPD. The file also includes electronic copies of all documents you have sent to uni-assist. However, FH Wedel will not be informed by uni-assist when uni-assist sends you the VPD. This is your responsibility!

If your GPA is 3.0 or worse (higher), you can stop your application process: You have no chance to be admitted into a master's programme at FH Wedel.

If your GPA is better than 3.0 (lower), you may proceed with your application.