Master's Degree Programmes

FH Wedel offers six internal master's programmes which are acknowledged by several national accreditation agencies following the EU Bologna standards:

IT Engineering (conducted in English)



Computer Science (with alternative focuses on media, hardware or business)

IT Security

Industrial Engineering.


Except for IT Engineering, all programmes are conducted in German.

Each of these programmes (excluding Business Administration with four semester) is scheduled for three semesters (1 1/2 years).

Each master's programme is based on the knowledge of a corresponding bachelor programme and elaborates on advanced contents and current research topics.

The graduates will be well prepared for leading positions in industrial and business management as well as in research and development.

A master's degree is required and entitles for any higher position in German civil service.

Students graduating with a Master of Science are eligible to write a doctoral thesis at any research university.  Future high potentials who intend to work abroad need an internationally acknowledged Master degree anyway.


Note for international students:

Except for IT Engineering, an academic level knowledge of German is required for a complete study of the other master's programmes offered at FH Wedel. If you are not sure if this fits to you, you may first try an exchange programme in English and improve your German in that time.