Tuition fees and financial issues

Full time fee per semester
for master programme IT Engineering

EU citizensnon-EU citizens
1. - 3. Semester
(fee per semester)
1.980,00 €2400,00 €
each additional semester  990,00 €1200,00 €

Students needing an additional semester with 30 credits due to their 180 credit bachelor experience have to study 4 semesters full time. Regardless when they take these additional courses (cf. to the reference time table as an example), they will pay the full fee for the first 3 semesters and the reduced fee for any additional semester.

Students may study part time on request. They must give a reason with proof such as a part time job or child care. Part time study is granted for one year. The application may be renewed every year. The fee is reduced by half accordingly, i.e. you pay the above mentioned fee not for one semester but for one year. The first 3 years require the full fee and subsequent years the reduced fee. However, the maximum number of credits allowed per year is 35. If you exceed this number of credits in some year, you must pay the difference to full time subsequently.

Foreign students may not be aware what are the total expenses they encounter studying and living in Germany. This is a sampe table for non-EU students needing an additional semester. You may use this for your calculations. However, the numbers cannot be granted by FH Wedel, because they highly depend on your life style.

You should also be aware that due to the adaptation to a different culture and education system, you may not be able to study full speed, especially not at the beginning. This may require more semesters until you have got your final degree. As seen in the table above, FH Wedel takes this into consideration by charging only half the fee for each surplus semester.

Since FH Wedel is a non-profit university and tries to keep tuition fees as low as possible for every enrolled student, there is no scholarship given by FH Wedel, because this would increase the tuition fee of the other students.

For students with a German university degree, there are good opportunities to get a scholarship or employment by adjacent companies cooperating with FH Wedel, but they will almost certainly not give this to students with foreign university degrees. If you have studied some semesters succesfully at FH Wedel, you may have chances to benefit from these good employment opportunities, but not in the first semesters.

You are free to ask promoting institutions like DAAD or institutions of your home country for scholarships. FH Wedel is a fully acknowledged university equivalent to any public school, but cannot give you specific advice on that, since this strongly depends on your personal background and your provenience.

If you want to take a loan from a bank in your home country, you do this on your own financial risk. FH Wedel does not take actions preventing this, but will also not support this by any document. Due to the different study speed you may need (see the above remarks on that), it is very hard to predict which budget you will consume in total until you obtain your master's degree. We rather recommend that you provide a safe funding for at least the first 3 semesters, then study seriously with us and try to get a qualified student job in the higher semesters. However, the chances for such a job highly depend on your performance with us.