Courses available for incoming exchange students

All courses offered at FH Wedel may be chosen for credit points by incoming students participating in an exchange program with one of our partner universities.

However, by default, all courses are given in German.

This website shows a list of courses given in English if at least one international student is willing to attend. Please contact our International Office or the lecturer in advance in order to make sure that the course you selected will really be given in English.

Most of the courses have a subject focus on either business or engineering and computer science.

Exchange students may combine courses of either focus for their convenience regardless of the study programme at their home university. However, the acknowledgement is in the sole responsibility of their home university.

If you are not sure whether your background is sufficient in order to follow the course, do not hesitate to contact the lecturer offering the course in advance. If the lecturer is not specified, contact the International Office.


Most of the courses are offered in only one of the two semesters of the year:

The winter semester lasts from October to March. Courses usually start in the second week of October and last to mid of January. The exam period lasts to mid of February.

The summer semester lasts from April to September. Courses usually start in the second week of April and last to the first week of July. After a 4 week holiday break, there is an exam period in August / early September.

Please enquire the exact dates depending on the actual term directly from the International Office. Most of the exams for international students may be scheduled on an individual base. For example, these may be oral examinations at the end of January / beginning of July.


The following courses are available for all subject focuses and may be chosen by every exchange student:


German language course

term offered: every semester

work load: 5 ECTS

level: bachelor or master

FH Wedel offers German language courses at  partner language institutes. Students are tested for their command of the language and then join the appropriate courses for their level. This ensures that we can provide for individual needs and requirements. The numbers of courses taken by a student depends on the programme arranged with the language school. 
Language course start in October or April respectively.

Please note that students willing to attend that course should arrive about two weeks previous to semester start.

This course is free for Erasmus exchange students only, because it is not given by FH Wedel, but bought from a different institution.

Regular Master IT Engineering students may ask the International Office under which conditions they may also participate in an German language course.