Job perspectives for graduates of Media Information Science

Graduates of Media Information Science gain a high level of expertise in computer science which enables them to work in all fields related to computer science. Furthermore, they are well versed in media subjects so that they can work effectively in companies dealing with the interaction of computer science and the media.

Tasks and fields of activity

Specialists in Media Information Science create and realise internet portals, produce videos based on computer programmes and interactive CDs, develop multimedia school software, visualise information via computer graphics, simulation, animation and 3 D reality.

Start in the world of business

Graduates of Media Information Science mostly start work at companies at which they do their internship and submit their bachelor thesis. In the past, graduates have written their thesis for instance for the publishing company Ganske or the TV channel Premiere. Being close to the media city Hamburg and having close connections to media companies such as Bertelsmann, the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, gives its graduates the opportunity to find a job very easily.