Bachelor's Course Media Computer Science

Dive into virtual worlds!

The chip makes it possible. More and more information is digitalised - no matter if texts or pictures are concerned. This development requires new professional qualifications and interdisciplinary knowledge at the intersection between applied computer science, media conception and creation.

The bachelor's programme Media Computer Science

The bachelor's programme Media Information Science deals with the interrelationship between the media and computers and the resulting consequences for hardware and software. The development and application of innovative software solutions in order to create multimedia presentations are most important.


Core subjects are software technology, system software, system development and information technology. In addition, modules like audio-/video processing, media creation and computer graphics are taught. Furthermore, students learn the basics of business and law.


Graduates of the bachelor's programme Media Information Science have acquired knowledge which is suitable for the future business world. Besides being expert in computer science, they are also able to meet the specific requirements of the media. After graduating, they start their careers in publishing houses, software companies, TV stations as well as advertising and media agencies.