Bachelor's Course E-Commerce

E-Commerce has become an established shopping channel for consumers, who are increasingly connected to the Internet. However, the implementation and operation of E-Commerce-Systems is still a rather new field to organizations. This constitutes a major challenge for new and existing players in the home order industry, especially in finding staff with the necessary technological skill set. Goal of the Bachelor Program E-Commerce is to fill this gap by providing profound education with a focus on computer sciences and selected business aspects. The consecutive Master Program E-Commerce will then provide in depth business knowledge, such as value creation, differentiation of business models and creating new ventures. 

Bachelor Program E-Commerce

The Bachelor Program E-Commerce at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, has a profound practical approach. Teachers who have a broad management experience guarantee a direct connection to E-Commerce reality. Further practical relevance is ensured by an advisory board of important German and international E-Commerce players. The program is endowed by the Otto Group - one of the largest global e-commerce players, underlining the importance of this distribution and sales channel.


The Bachelor Program E-Commerce is based on two major pillars: computer sciences and business aspects of E-Commerce. It was created in partnership with leading E-Commerce companies and thus serves the actual needs of players in the E-Commerce arena - from start-ups to large scale corporates. Focus is on the conceptual design, implementation and operation of E-Commerce infrastructures - with a strong emphasis on computer sciences. Lectures will contribute to a deep understanding of software engineering, programming languages, as well as database structures. Business aspects will be covered in online marketing, project management, and applications of E-Commerce systems. The practical relevance will be highlighted in seminars and joint projects with E-Commerce players.

International approach

Selected lectures of the E-Commerce Program are taught in English. Students may stay one semester abroad at one of over 25 partner universities, with a choice of institutions such as Iowa State University, USA, or the Nottingham Trent University - Business School, Great Britain. By staying abroad, students are able to strengthen their foreign language skills. Furthermore, they get to know other mentalities and cultural traditions - an absolute necessity for an international management career.


The Bachelor degree gives you the opportunity to quickly start your professional career. After seven semesters, students have profound knowledge in computer science aspects of E-Commerce and are able to comprehend the business implications. A mandatory internship of at least 12 weeks will further prepare students for business reality. The E-Commerce Program at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, opens up a broad variety of professional perspectives in E-Commerce and adjacent industries. Contacts to potential employers will already be initiated during the course of the program due to a broad partnership with E-Commerce players.