Job perspectives Bachelor Computer Science

Since the bachelor's programme in Computer Science is highly oriented towards the business world, graduates of the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, easily meet the requirements of the labour market. Therefore, our graduates have an outstanding chance of obtaining suitable positions with potential employers.


Graduates of Computer Science typically develop new software and adjust old software to modified requirements. Thus, they need to adapt to various system concepts and programming languages. Development means team work. Each member of the team contributes to the success of the project by fulfilling their tasks. Having increasing professional experience, you are also able to run and to coordinate these kind of projects.

Start of the professional career

Most graduates start their careers in the company they have written their bachelor's dissertation with. The company already knows the personality of the graduate who is already familiar with his working environment.  Nevertheless, they are also graduates who prefer a completely new job. Benefiting from the excellent reputation of the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, they have an excellent chance of success.