Bachelor's Course Computer Science

Qualified for the Future

Living without computers? Can you imagine not writing e-mails? No? Digital communication has become an integral part of our life. Companies totally rely on the use of computers. No matter if the surveillance of machines, the production of magazine layouts or the control of high speed trains is concerned, the effective and efficient interaction of hardware and software is required everywhere.

The bachelor's programme Computer Science

In the bachelor's programme Computer Science, students learn how to use computers in the face of new challenging tasks. They develop both innovative hardware and software. Since modern software is very complex, the software architects of the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, obtain extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.


The focus lies on software development. The principles and concepts taught are up to date but also useful for the future. Furthermore, students learn the basics of hardware production. The curriculum is completed by the introduction to economic processes which have an impact on the work of software architects.


The graduates of the bachelor programme Computer Science are well prepared for the constantly growing challenges of the business world. They are able to develop adequate software programmes for demanding tasks since they have a solid professional knowledge. Moreover, they gain their first practial experience during the internship and the bachelor's dissertation.