Course Computer Engineering


Applicants need a German high school diploma (“Abitur”) or an international equivalent.


The deadline for the summer semester is February 28th, for the winter semester August 31st. If the number of applicants is higher than the places being offered, the places will be allocated on the basis of application material.
Normally, places are allocated before the deadline expires so that it is advisable to apply for admission in good time.

Start of the programme

The bachelor's programme Technical Informatics starts both in the summer and in the winter semester. The summer semester lasts from the beginning of April until the beginning of July, the winter semester runs from the beginning of October until the end of January.


Each lecture of one academic hour (75 min) is held twelve times in the course of one semester. Lectures of two academic hours contain 24 units per semester. Many lectures are accompanied by tutorials. Students apply their theoretical knowledge during practical classes.

Final examination at the end of the first semester

At the end of the first semester, there is a written exam in the core subjects Discrete Mathematics and Chromatics. This so-called “Übergangsprüfung” forces beginners to question themselves if they have chosen the most suitable programme. They are allowed to repeat both exams three times. At the end of the second semester, they must have passed them.

Other exams

Most exams are written ones which are taken at the end of each semester. Each of them can be repeated twice.

Internship and Bachelor Dissertation

In the sixth semester, students do an internship of eleven weeks and complete their bachelor thesis. Usually, they develop a topic together with a company in which they write the dissertation. This work is supervised by a university lecturer.


After passing the bachelor's dissertation and a colloquium, you graduate as Bachelor of Science having the chance to start a career after only six semesters. In addition to the B.Sc., you can continue your studies leading to the Master of Science. As an M.Sc. you are permitted to do a Ph.D.