Bachelor's Course Business and Computer Science

A finger on the pulse of information society

Information and knowledge - these are the key factors in competition for successful companies. Departments and different locations are connected with each other through networks. The same principle works for clients and suppliers. Therefore, national markets are becoming increasingly interlinked. Innovations in the computer and software industry determine the dynamics of processes which constantly open up new fields of application. Specialists in Business and Computer Science influence these developments to a geat extent.

The bachelor's programme Business and Computer Science

Students enrolled in the programme Business and Computer Science are interested in economic contexts and are enthusiastic about abstract thinking. During their studies, they learn to think systematically and apply this knowledge in practical contexts. For instance, they simulate the impact of management decisions on profit. Furthermore, they deal with internet and intranet applications.


The focus lies on current programming languages and methods of software development, on management basics and on the visualisation of management processes through software systems. Since working in teams plays a crucial role in business, students acquire soft skills in seminars, projects and case studies as well as in planning games.


Graduates of the bachelor's programme Business and Computer Science are able to understand complex management processes and to shape them. Furthermore, they develop efficient software to support these processes. They do not face any problems going into business.