Job perspectives Bachelor Business

The graduates of Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, know the fundamental principles of general and special management and project management. Furthermore, they are familiar with IT techniques and have extensive competence in foreign languages. They focus on one of three professional areas: marketing, media management or service management. Each of them constitutes the foundation of a promising career.


Having special knowledge on marketing, young graduates of business administration can start their career in companies which produce consumer goods, industrial products or which offer certain services. Furthermore, they can also work at agencies offering marketing services. Some graduates hold leading management positions in sales departments.

Media management

A focus on media management opens up a variety of professional perspectives in various kinds of media, publishing houses, TV and radio stations, printing companies as well as marketing, advertising, pr, internet or multimedia agencies. Being an expert in one of these fields, you take the economic and social responsibility of a management position.

Service management

Graduates specialised in service management typically work in private or public service companies. Apart from that, they work as experts or managers in banks, insurance companies and in trade.