Bachelor's Course Business Administration

The economic efficiency of a country is decisive for its welfare. In order to maintain and to increase it, you need both economic competence and high motivation of the acting people. In order to structure business processes perfectly, companies need employees with a profound academic education.

The Bachelor's Course Business Administration

The Bachelor Course Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, excels in its practical approach. Lectures of teachers who have far reaching management experience, and case studies in companies guarantee direct connection to economic reality. Furthermore, there exists an advisory board in which representatives of important companies watch the deveoplment of the programme Business Administration.


From the fourth semester onwards, students of the programme Business Administration can choose between three focuses: Service Management, Marketing and Media Business. In the selected focus, they attend advanced lectures and seminars, they work on a case study and complete a bachelor's dissertation. One special feature of the programme in Wedel are the modules in practical IT solutions such as SAP.

International approach

From the third semester onwards, selected lectures are taught in English. Students pass the fifth semester abroad at one of 25 partner universities. They can choose between institutions like the Iowa State University, USA, or the Nottingham Trent University - Business School, Great Britain. Through this stay abroad, students deepen their knowledge in foreign languages and they also get to know other mentalities which is an absolute necessity for an international management career.


The bachelor degree gives you the opportunity to start your professional career quite early. After six semesters, you have basic knowledge in business as well as profound knowledge in your selected focus. The programme Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, opens up a broad variety of professional perspectives.