Bachelor's Degree Programmes

FH Wedel offers nine internal bachelor's programmes which are acknowledged by several national accreditation agencies following the EU Bologna stardards:

Business Administration


Computer Science

Business and Computer Science

Media Computer Science

Computer Games Technology

Computer Engineering

Industrial Engineering

IT Engineering

Each of these programmes (excluding Business Administration with six semesters) is scheduled for seven semesters (3 1/2 years).

Due to the applied orientation of the programmes, graduates find excellent job opportunities in all kind of business and industrial work.


Note for international students:

An academic level knowledge of German is required for a complete study of a bachelor's programme offered at FH Wedel. If you are not sure if this fits to you, you may first try an exchange programme in English and improve your German in that time.

Due to the strict theoretical foundation of the programmes, graduates are also elegible to qualify further in a master's programme at any university of applied science or research university.